Why numerical simulation?

Over many decades and centuries, mankind has developed new tools, machines and processes through trial and error. There were always ingenious ideas but to demonstrate their practicality, expensive prototypes had to be built and tested. The development and optimization of products was very time consuming and expensive.

As massive relief and accelerate of the development process, the computer-aided product development has prevailed over the last 2-3 decades. With powerful computers and numerical algorithms such as the Finite Element Method (FEM) structures can be virtually tested and optimized today. Development cycles, who used to take months and years, can be virtually explored and optimized in a myriad of variants today in a few days or weeks.

In addition to modern software and hardware also sound engineering understanding and experience in modeling and evaluation of the results is necessary for this. The Fa. 7tech feels a fiddle in exactly this division. We bring a very broad and deep experience and work with the market-leading FEM tool ANSYS. We are happy to perform calculations and optimizations for you and advise you in all aspects of numerical simulation.