Company Profile

7tech is an engineering company specializing in numerical simulations with the top software products from theANSYS family and LS-Dyna. Besides general simulation subjects the focus is on the Finite Element Method (FEM).
We perform calculations and analyzes in order for you and also deliver, besides assessment of results,further advice how the products can be made lighter and more durable. We can perform very complex simulation tasks, because of the latest simulation technologies, extensive knowledge and many years of experience.

The following services and methods of analysis are available:

  • Structural mechanics linear and nonlinear (eg. Material plasticity, hyperelasticity, complex contact situations, “large” shifts, …)
  • Dynamic Analysis: modal, harmonic, transient, PSD, earthquake, …
  • “Implicit” analysis with ANSYS or “explicit” analysis with LS-Dyna
  • Automating simulation processes by programming in ANSYS APDL and ANSYS ACT
  • Strength ratings by various regulations such as FKM guideline, IIW, VDI, crane EN13001, …
  • Analyzes and reviews by railcar regulations (EN 12663, IEC 61373, DVS, …)
  • Pressure vessel design (EN 13445, AD2000, ASME, …)
  • Causes of damage investigation and ways to fix the damage
  • Advice in all matters of numerical simulation

The Name 7tech (spoken [Simtech]) is a reference to the two terms „Simulation“ and „Technology“. The number seven is often pronounced simply[sim] in Austria – from there the name 7tech originated.